Stephen Ministry

Stephen Who?

Stephen Ministry, that’s who. Just as Stephen ministered to the early Christians, our Stephen Ministers minister one on one to Christians today. Love One Another As I Have Loved You . . .

In John 15:12, Jesus says, “‘This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'” Loving and caring for one another is not just the pastor’s job–it’s something Jesus calls us all to do! Stephen Ministry is a ministry in which people with special gifts for caring can put those gifts to use in an organized way, bringing Jesus’ love and care to those who most need it. If you–or someone you know–are going through a difficult time contact one of our Stephen Leaders about Stephen Ministry. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to provide you with focused, confidential, one-to-one Christian care and to help you experience the healing power of Christ’s love in your life. Find out more about Stephen Ministry by talking to one of our Stephen leaders.



Stephen’s Corner

When “Pull Yourself Together” Doesn’t Work!

You’ve heard it time and time again: “Pull yourself together…Cheer up…Tough it out…It’s not that bad.” Perhaps people have said it to you. Or perhaps you keep saying it to yourself. But it hasn’t helped. You are still hurting. Things are coming apart, not coming together. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to go through your struggles alone. Help is available. Our Stephen Ministers are trained caregivers who will walk with you, listen to you, and provide confidential one-to-one care as you search through the pieces and find what is truly in your heart. To learn more about Stephen Ministry for yourself or someone you know, talk with one of our Stephen Ministry leaders.


Dear Members of Grace,

I want to share something with you. For the past year, I have been working with a Caregiver from Stephen Ministries. After reaching out to Pastor Woods, he prayerfully considered his Caregivers and found the perfect fit for me. I was looking for a faith-based person to talk with to help me calm my thoughts, pray with me, and just listen. That is exactly what I received and so much more! My Caregiver and I meet once a week for dinner. I share my thoughts and we began to have some very real conversations. I did not look for this person to give me answers or tell me what to do. My Caregiver was there to talk WITH me, to pray WITH me, and to help me find some tools to heal. All of this is done in Christian love and confidentiality. No one but my Caregiver and Pastor Woods knows of the relationship.

My caregiver is now my friend and someone I will treasure for a lifetime. We continue to meet for dinner and share both of our lives with each other! I’m a work in progress and my Caregiver will always be there for me! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. This program is a gift.



Our Stephen leaders are:

Pastor Woods 502-523-9327 [email protected]
Joyce Conner 812-736-3595 [email protected]
Dave Conner 812-736-3596 [email protected]
John Luhrsen 812-951-1689 [email protected]
Anna Luhrsen 812-951-1689 [email protected]



Stephens Ministers Roster — 5/16/17

Debbie Browning: [email protected] 606-305-8229
Matt Browning: [email protected] 502-298-1079
Doug Blank: [email protected] 812-399-1082 — 502-939-7592
Renate Burrell: 812-923-3331 — 502-594-0516 — On Leave
Jude Garber: [email protected] 502-299-9202
Ken Garber: 502-807-3703
Carlee Hosp: [email protected] 502-445-1901
Brandy Johnson: 812-252-9085 — On Leave
Laureen Mudd: [email protected] 502-593-3153 — On Leave
Arnetta Owen: [email protected] 502-407-1962
Karen Satori: [email protected] 317-294-9268
Nena Spaulding: 812-725-2748 — On Leave
Sue Speerbrecker: [email protected] 608-436-2308
Cindy Wirth: [email protected] 812-923-1223

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Continuing Ed & Supervision

Necessary forms for supervision can be downloaded below.