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Shamrocks & Shenanigans Party




Kentuckiana Zone LWML Christmas stocking stuffer project



Ladies Christmas Party



Lemonade and Lavender LUNCHEON

Held Sunday August 7 – Fireside Room after late service
Make A Sunshine Basket to Encourage Someone. Enjoy a delicious menu of Salads,
Strawberry Short Cake, Lavender Gluten Free Muffins, and Lavender Lemonade.
Wear Hats and Sundresses if you like. Come and Join in all the Fun Activities we have


Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

At the national Lutheran Women’s Missionary League’s convention held in Lexington, KY, June 26-27, 2021, the voting body adopted a $2,250,000 mission goal for the 2021-2023 biennium. This goal, by the grace of God, will fund 28 mission grants with your mite offerings during the next two years.

LWML Grant #1

Deaconess Ministry Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch — $81,680

The mission of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ. The Ranch provides unparalleled care, expertise, and presence in the name of Christ to keep today’s troubled kids from becoming tomorrow’s troubled adults. Recognizing the need to minister directly with the victimized boys and girls, the Ranch called an LCMS deaconess, Kelly Bristow. This role reflects the exact reason why a vibrant deaconess ministry was envisioned for our church body. Deaconess Kelly’s work quickly began to bridge many of the gaps that often hinder a child’s healing. Nearly all the female residents and many of the male residents have been traumatized at the hands of a male figure. This simple reality creates immediate trust issues that can be difficult for a child to bridge, especially when dealing with a male chaplain. The Word of God helps to heal the walls of broken trust. Those at the Ranch are “Running the Race … Looking to Jesus!” For more information, go to www.lwml.org/2021-2023-mission-grant-1.




Quilt News

In January five quilts were taken to Exit 0, and four were shipped to Lutheran World Relief.




A woman was asked what she had been doing the past week, she answered,
“On Monday, I ministered to Mexicans in Texas.
Tuesday, I preached the gospel in Brazil.
Wednesday, I operated on a man in Africa.
Thursday, I taught in a mission school in Japan.
Friday, I helped establish a church in California.
Saturday, I taught seminary classes.
Sunday, I distributed Bibles in Korea.”

Her friend, thinking her a bit “tetched” asked her to explain. “You see, by dropping monies in my Mite Box daily, I have been able to go to all these places where God the Holy Spirit is working.”
If you need a Mite Box pick one up from on top of the large mite box in the narthex.



The mission of Women of Grace is to joyfully work together to Encourage our Sisters in Faith to become actively involved by providing opportunities in Spiritual Growth, Mission/Outreach, Fellowship and Service.


*to provide opportunities for spiritual growth among the women of Grace Lutheran Church
*to develop and maintain a greater mission awareness among the women of Grace Lutheran Church and to gather funds for mission projects
*to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship among women of Grace Lutheran Church
*to assist Grace Lutheran Church in its ministry to build the Kingdom of God through projects and service.


Any Women who has made the purpose of the organization her own is eligible to participate
Women’s Ministry Team
Facilitator: Dolly Jenkins
Treasurer: Carlee Hosp
Spiritual Growth Coordinators: Sara Faith/Hannah Korner
Mission/Outreach Coordinators: Karen Satori/Diana VonStrohe
Fellowship Coordinators: Vanessa Moeller/Meaghan Turner
Projects Coordinators: Colleen Garber/Cathy Hussung
Greeting Card Ministry: Linda Lockmund


Contact the Women’s Ministry Team Coordinator for the appropriate area or drop a note in the Women of Grace Suggestion Box (in hallway)

Everyone is invited to participate in any activity. There is no registration and there are no dues.


Women’s Missionary League Ministries

Mites are collected year round for missions. Mite money is used to further God’s kingdom all over the world through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national LWML conventions. For updates on current mission grants see the LWML bulletin board. Mite boxes are used to collect money for missions. If you need a mite box please take one from the top of the large mite box. You may put your mites in the large Mite Box in the narthex at any time.

Esther Circle – meets with the LWML and tacks quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other missions. Watch the bulletin for dates. Anyone who can tie a knot is welcome to join us. Please call Becky Fetz at 812- 951-2408 if you have any questions.

Junior Confirmands – Each Confirmand receives a greeting card with a Biblical bookmark in honor of their Confirmation. The LWML serves a reception for the Junior Confirmation Class.

New Mothers – Each new mother receives a devotional booklet entitled, “Lord, Lead Me Through Motherhood”.

Newlyweds – Each newlywed couple receives a devotional packet entitled, “With this Ring”. Some of the topics are: Love, Date Night, Alone time, Forgiveness, etc.

High School Graduates – Each girl receives a devotional packet entitled, “Jeans Gems”. Some of the topics are: Temptation, Disappointments, Peer pressure, Dating, etc. Topics girls will face as they enter college or the work force.

New Members – Twice a year the LWML serves a reception after late church for new members of Grace. Each lady receives a welcome bag. The bag contains devotions, LWML notepad and pencil, a mite box, bookmark, Quarterly Magazine, and information about the LWML.

Prayer Shawl – Crocheting a Prayer Shawl is a special act of love, a creative method of prayer. Time is spent in prayer while crocheting the shawl. You may be surprised to find that making a Prayer Shawl blesses not only the person that receives it, but the person doing the crocheting as well! Prayer Shawls are given to members of Grace who are sick, dealing with a loss, or as an encouragement.

Crocheting – All are welcome to come and crochet with the group or learn the art of crocheting. This group usually meets the second Thursday of the month at 1:30 pm in the Fireside Room but please watch the bulletin for dates. Contact Pat Smith for details 812-496-4988.

Encouragement Booklets – Encouragement booklets are small scrapbooks. The booklets are made by LWML members and are given to the pastors, who hand them out to our Shut-ins and long term patients during their visitations. These booklets contain familiar hymns, scriptures, and prayers along with pretty pictures of God’s glorious creations. If you like scrapbooking and would like to help in this mission project, contact Linda Lockmund at 812-923-3751.

Glasses for Nicaragua – Glasses needed are adult glasses, children’s glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, and over-the-counter reading glasses. The glasses will be distributed at an eye glass clinic in Nicaragua in June of 2016. Please place glasses in the container marked glasses on God’s post office across from the mail slots.

Orphan Grain train – At least once a year good used clothing is collected and taken to Orphan Grain Train for sorting and shipping to people in need. Shipments have been sent to 64 different countries including the United States. Watch the bulletin for the date.

Baby Bottle Boomerang – Late winter baby bottles are distributed and filled for Choices for Women pro-life pregnancy center.

Stamps – Cutting and Sorting Stamps for missions. Please save your Commemorative, General and Foreign stamps. Commemorative stamps are usually sold on a sheet and available for a limited time. Most post offices display a poster showing the commemorative stamps currently available. They include FOREVER stamps. They are NOT Christmas, Love (Valentine’s Day) or self-adhesive. General stamps are the most common and include self-adhesive, those on a roll, flags, Love (Valentine’s Day), Christmas, pre-sort and non-profit. Foreign stamps are issued by any country other than the U.S. Trim stamps from envelope, leaving a ¼” margin on each side. Sort and bag stamps. Label bag “Commemorative,” “General,” or Foreign.” Please place your bags of stamps in the box marked stamps on God’s Post Office. The stamps will be taken to a district event and sold to a stamp collector. The proceeds will be used for mites.



WOG WMT Meetings — as scheduled
LWML Meetings — as scheduled



Emergency Prayer Chain — Susie Davis
Esther Circle — Becky Fetz
Greeting Card Ministry — Linda Lockmund
LWML — Sue Boyd
Prayer Shaw Ministry — Pat Smith
Prison Ministry — Dolly Jenkins



Facilitator — Dolly Jenkins: [email protected]

June 2018 Bible study.