College & Young Adult

College and Young Adult Ministry

I’d like to get our College and Young adult ministry up and running. This ministry is for young adults who have aged out of the Sr. High youth and are in their first few years of adulting. This could include individuals ages 18-22ish who are in college, the military, or who have selected a career path. In order to relaunch this ministry, I need your input. I want to know who you are, what you are interested in, and what kind of time commitment you would like to take on. Please fill out the form below by September 26th.




    Home Address:


    Birthday: . YYYY-DD-MM



    College/career address:

    Please tell me a little bit about yourself:

    Please share your hobbies and things you like:

    I am interested in participating in:

    Monthly in-person bible study/get-togethers

    Monthly devotion mailed to me

    Monthly devotion emailed to me

    Having a prayer partner (someone from the congregation to pray for me)

    Having a Barnabas/Happy Mail ( to receive a Barnabas/happy mail I will commit to attending an in-person breakfast in May to meet and thank my Barnabas )

    A young adult weekend retreat

    I’ve got another idea

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Rose will be in contact with you soon.