PASTOR K’s Notes


Saturday/Sunday, October 1/2, 2022 – Pastor Kischnick
THEME: “Give Up, Give In, or Give Thanks” TEXT: Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4
INTRO. Headlines: Violence, Injustice, Strife, Destruction – O.T. torn from today’s headlines. Nothing new under the sun. What are God’s people to do? We might ask with Habakkuk: “How long, Lord, must I call for help but you do not listen?” 3 Choices: “Give up, give in, or give thanks.”
ILLUST. 15th Feb.’42 – Brits surrender 130K troops to Japan in Singapore. No cannon, defenses, ammo, water. Gave up.
A. Confronted by disasters some conclude: “There is no god!”
1. “How could an all-powerful god allow these things?”
2. “I prayed for a miracle, got nothing. No one out there!”
3. “Where was God when we needed him?” ATHEIST
B. In the face of injustice some conclude: “God can’t be trusted. He is
not righteous or good. He could do something, did nothing.”
1. Guilty of neglect, inaction, indifference.
2. He may exist, but he has nothing to do with me. AGNOSTIC
ILLUST. France capitulated ’40 – Vichy gov’t gave up Fr. Jews, fought Brits/U.S.A. in N.Africa. Became like the Nazis. Gave in.
A. These people go the way of the world:
1. I’ll take care of me: pleasure, experiences, self-centered
2. Substitutes for God: humanism, philosophies, causes of all kinds
B. Like Tower of Babel: “Let us make a name for OURSELVES!”
C. We do not need God or Jesus. We’ll make it on our own.
A. Habakkuk: Perplexed by conditions in Judah, his perplexity only
grows when God reveals plan to use ruthless Babylon as scourge.
1. God’s ways seem unfathomable, even unjust.
2. “How long, O Lord?” – Ps., Jer., Lam., Zech., & Rev.
B. Like him, we look at world & ask: “What, where, & why?”
C. God’s response: “I AM THE LORD!” Trust me.
1. Messiah seemed long in coming, but at “just the right time…”
2. “Where is this ‘coming’…?” He’ll be along shortly.
D. Hang In there! “The righteous shall live by faith.”
1. Trust in his track record, his goodness, his Word, his Son.
2. Walk in his ways: a light in the darkness, city on a hill.
CLOSE: Hab.3:2 – “I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them…”
Hab.3:17 – “Though the fig tree does not bud…” Rejoice in the Lord…






My Dear Friends in Christ,

A heartfelt word of appreciation to you for your love, your gifts, your kind words, the luncheon, the video, the barrel of monkeys, the ape-filled chocolate kiss, the flowers, the “Tiny Bruce” song, the Tiny Bruce that’s in my office and creeps me out, and 30 years of your partnership in the Gospel. There’s nowhere else I’d rather have been and no people I’d rather serve. I am privileged to be your pastor, and I love you all!

I thank God every time I remember you in my prayers…” and I pray for your continued health in faith and in life.

Pastor K. – Psalm 16:8