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“That’s good stuff!” No pain. Drive home – aching grew. By 7 pm can’t lift. Numbing wore off!
TEXT: St. Paul – “Though outwardly we are wasting away….” Ain’t it the truth! Life takes a toll…and it hurts! Time and toil stress us and strain us and steal our vitality. As went our grandparents, so go we. BUT St. Paul also says, “…yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” That’s a powerful antidote to despair, the formula for joy, and a generator of hope.
Illust. Dad: “I hope you get to be 90…then you’ll know what I’m going through!” Blessing/Curse! Strong man reduced by age and hurts.
A. Mortal life hurts –
1. Toddlers: bumps, bruises, skinned knees
2. Kids: bike wrecks, tree falls, skateboard oops!
3. Teens: sports injuries, broken hearts, and “dummheit”
4. Then sizes change, glasses and bifocals, doctors and supplements.
5. Short is our prime…soon our decline! Once a man, twice a boy!
B. Pain, illnesses, injuries, neglect, foolishness > all take their toll
C. Our “earthly tent” tends toward “decay” (“wasting away”)
Illust. While working on this, glanced at 2 pix: Mom and siblings> 1 of 9!
D. BUT – St. Paul says we have reason for THANKSGIVING and HOPE.
He says we “do not lose heart” – why?
Illust. Luther/Baptism: wrestling match > Old Adam v. New Creature
A. Day by Day:
1. we are renewed inwardly by God’s word and promises.
2. the Holy Spirit works within us to keep us in Christ Jesus.
3. we are reminded of “whose” we are.
4. we have reason to give God thanks and praise for his mercies.
B. “We fix our eyes on what is unseen, eternal.” = FAITH
C. God has promised us a place prepared for us = “a house not made
with hands”; “a building from God” (not a “tent”)
D. “momentary” = temporary, passing, transient
CLOSE: “Flyboys” – pilots ave. age 20-24, crew 18-21. Told in ranks “2 of every 3 of you won’t be coming home.” Pretty much each one looked left, looked right, thought, “Poor suckers! Won’t happen to me!” Yes, it will. Outwardly wasting away – inwardly renewed. God’s people live in hope.






My Dear Friends in Christ,

A heartfelt word of appreciation to you for your love, your gifts, your kind words, the luncheon, the video, the barrel of monkeys, the ape-filled chocolate kiss, the flowers, the “Tiny Bruce” song, the Tiny Bruce that’s in my office and creeps me out, and 30 years of your partnership in the Gospel. There’s nowhere else I’d rather have been and no people I’d rather serve. I am privileged to be your pastor, and I love you all!

I thank God every time I remember you in my prayers…” and I pray for your continued health in faith and in life.

Pastor K. – Psalm 16:8

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