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Saturday/Sunday, September 18-19, 2021 – Pastor Kischnick
THEME: “Who Is the G.O.A.T.?” TEXT: Mark 9:30-37
INTRO. What do these athletes have in common: M. Ali, W. Gretzski, M. Jordan, Tiger W., Tom Brady? In their respective sports considered by many to be the G.O.A.T. Often debated of them who is the All-time G.O.A.T. Endless hours TV debate, countless pages written, and millions of kilobytes online: “Who is the G.O.A.T.?”
TEXT: Disciples having similar debate only in regards themselves. Which one of them is the greatest? Vain! When Jesus asks what arguing about, silence! Shame! What makes any of us great? Jesus has the answer.
ILLUST. About 1837, U.S. Grant – letter. Rode train, Harrisburg to Philly, “…at least 18 mph at full speed, and averaged as much as 12 mph!”
A. Rise above your predecessors: compare the “stats”!
1. St. James: “jealousy and ambition”
B. Heads above the rest:
1. Be seen 2. Be praised 3. Be memorialized
ILLUST. New John Asher statue – Gen. Lee removed in Richmond, VA
C. Lord it over those around you:
1. BE served! 2. St. James: “…to spend it on your passions.”
3. Avoid the “Hoi-Poloi” – the “low” people
ILLUST. Several well-known civil rights “leaders” who show up at tragedies & crises when cameras are rolling. Last time sat at table w/ lowly folks?
D. St. James: “Friend of the world = enemy of God.”
A. Messiah/Christ/Son of Man – rejected, abused, crucified, killed = a
Sacrifice. Then, RISE! Jesus concentrated on Cross. The Disciples
focused on personal performance & reward.
B. Be Last: “Humble yourselves before God, and he will exalt you.”
C. Be a Servant: look to needs of others and be accepting of all.
D. The Way of Discipleship: “Greatness in the Kingdom”
1. Live by faith centered on the Cross & Resurrection of Jesus.
2. Live a life which responds to God in humble service to others.
CLOSE: Gen. Zachary Taylor hated uniforms. Being visited by an Admiral who wore all the uniform “allowed by law”! To be civil, wore dress uniform. The Admiral, knowing Taylor, wore a civilian suit. “Embarrassment all around!” Caring about others not easy, Jesus knows. But those who work on it are considered “great” in the Kingdom of the One who truly is the “Greatest of All Time” – Jesus, the G.O.A.T.!






My Dear Friends in Christ,

A heartfelt word of appreciation to you for your love, your gifts, your kind words, the luncheon, the video, the barrel of monkeys, the ape-filled chocolate kiss, the flowers, the “Tiny Bruce” song, the Tiny Bruce that’s in my office and creeps me out, and 30 years of your partnership in the Gospel. There’s nowhere else I’d rather have been and no people I’d rather serve. I am privileged to be your pastor, and I love you all!

I thank God every time I remember you in my prayers…” and I pray for your continued health in faith and in life.

Pastor K. – Psalm 16:8

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