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Saturday/Sunday, November 20-21, 2021 – Pastor Kischnick
THEME: “Lift Up Your Eyes” TEXT: Isaiah 51:4-6
INTRO. Opening of “The Longest Day” – Frenchman looks to sea/Allied invasion fleet/firing. Shellfire all around but he exalts, giggles, cheers, waves Tricolor. Beginning of end for Germans, salvation for France.
TEXT: “Lift up your eyes…my salvation is on the way.” In that day there is no fear for the children of God. King Jesus is coming and his “salvation will last forever.” Lift up your eyes and see: Alpha & Omega! Beginning & End
A. Jesus gave us signs and warnings:
1. Wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, famines = “begin’g birth pains”
2. Persecutions and both political and religious false messiahs
3. Revelation indicates repeated cycles in history = WARNINGS !!
B. Other writers in Scripture do the same: Is., Jer., Ez., Dan., Peter, Rev.
C. In the last 2000 yrs. many have said, “It can’t get much worse!” ???
ILLUST. John Belski: Winter Signs = Persimmon Seeds (knives), Squirrels (tails/nests), Hedge Apples (#/size), Dogwood Blossoms (#/duration), The Old Farmer’s Almanac (80% accuracy) = Cold and Snowy Winter ‘21/’22
D. BE PREPARED, but do not fear for the Lord is in charge/has plan.
1. Lift up your eyes and SEE.
2. Lift up your heads with confidence and trust.
3. Be courageous and bold to speak/act > your salvation comes!
A. Walk in HIS way.
1. Shun worldly pursuits and passions: gambling, drugs, rage, etc.
2. Serve others, especially those needy, oppressed, forgotten
3. Build your relationship with your King (How well do you KNOW
Jesus? Not about Him, but really know Him?)
B. Be always prepared to give your testimony: the reason for your hope
ILLUST. Best testimonies by Saints > sick bed/death bed. Ministered to nurses, techs, Drs., visitors re: confidence/assurance in Christ. Esp. Rev. Bob Dehnke > funeral hymns, readings, “Lift High the Cross”.
1. Put in a good word for Jesus, speak of his impact in your life.
2. Leave a legacy.
C. When the world quails, “…lift up your eyes to the hills – where does
your help come from?” (Ps.121) “…neither death nor life, neither
angels nor demons…” (Rom.8) “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.” (Rev.22)
CLOSE: Last second field goal for win: See the faces! Exaltation…or dejection. At Last Day – Child of God lifts up her eyes! KING has come!






My Dear Friends in Christ,

A heartfelt word of appreciation to you for your love, your gifts, your kind words, the luncheon, the video, the barrel of monkeys, the ape-filled chocolate kiss, the flowers, the “Tiny Bruce” song, the Tiny Bruce that’s in my office and creeps me out, and 30 years of your partnership in the Gospel. There’s nowhere else I’d rather have been and no people I’d rather serve. I am privileged to be your pastor, and I love you all!

I thank God every time I remember you in my prayers…” and I pray for your continued health in faith and in life.

Pastor K. – Psalm 16:8

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